Goat Yoga + Special Events

My instagram bio says “goat yoga, among other things,” because a great number of the queries I receive are about the goat yoga classes I facilitate (that’s yoga alongside goats, for those of you not in the know. The people who attend practice yoga; the goats do not.) I’ve been interviewed by several media outlets, and people always ask how I came up with such a clever idea (answer: I didn’t).


I adore leading these classes, surrounded by the beauty of the natural world, cuddly goats, and fluffy alpaca. The yogis arrive in a great mood: happy, curious, excited, and enthusiastic (and the goats love the attention!) My kitten yoga classes are similarly inspiring to me as a yoga instructor-- watching those tiny kittens playfully tear around the room as participants rest in savasana evokes joy, awe, and wonder in all of us. The cultivation of these positive emotional energies (or “rasas,” in sanskrit), are a crucial part of our yoga practice-- just as important as the poses and the breath.

I am also a Trauma Informed Yoga teacher. Most of each work day is spent in private sessions with individuals who have experienced trauma, and may struggle with PTSD. This work is important and fulfilling, and often emotionally difficult. I’ve spent a good deal of time and effort training to become a yoga teacher; I continue to seek out educational opportunities and to develop my own practice. I take this work that I love seriously. These two sides of what I do aren’t so different from one another, though. Seeing people work hard to overcome the pain and trauma in their lives, and seeing how yoga contributes to their healing evokes joy, awe, and wonder in ME every single day. This is the gift yoga gives me. The ways to approach yoga are varied, but the benefits are limitless.

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